Shipping and Ordering Information

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Shipping and Ordering Information

Shipping Information

Most orders usually ship within 24 to 48 hours via UPS, FedEx and Priority Mail and we accept every major credit card.
Expedited shipping methods (UPS Next Day, 2nd Day...) will be calculated based on FedEx shipping rates that apply to your address.

  Hazmat Restrictions

ALL Lithium and Lithium-Ion batteries are regulated by the DOT and are required to be shipped with specific requirements, any orders that are Expedited require an additional Hazmat Shipping Fee. If this is the case a representative will contact you before your order is processed giving you the option to void your order if necessary.  We have created a specific page dedicated to this information, follow this link for more specific information on these class of shipments.

One Source Batteries has been properly trained with these shipping requirements and will comply with any and all regulations set forth by the ruling body for transportation in the US or any other Country we ship to. Thank you for your understanding of these rules and regulations.

  Other Restrictions

    Alaska, Hawaii and Canada Customers

Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada most likely will incur additional shipping charges due to the cost of shipping to these areas. 

For all shipments to Canada, please note that One Source Batteries requires for you to provide your FedEx or UPS account to cover the shipping and all brokerage fees required.  One Source Batteries does not ship any Lithium batteries (including Lithium Ion, Lithium Metal and Lithium Polymer Ion) via "Air" to Canada.

Please check with us about the shipping costs.

Ordering Information

All orders placed require a $10.00 minimum.
All orders will be scheduled to ship as soon as your payment has been confirmed and posted, and most orders are filled and shipped within 48 business hours upon receipt of payment.
Please note that special orders may require a longer time to ship, you will be notified if a longer than normal lead time is required for your purchase.


Unless noted specifically, the batteries we sell are replacement products and are not the Original Equipment from the Manufacturer (OEM), however they are tested and are certified to be 100% OEM Compatiabile.
Many times our products are the only replacement as the manufacturer does not carry or no longer supports a particular device.
Any pictures shown are accurate representations of the product that will be shipped to you but they may vary.
It is your responsibility make certain that this is the product description meets that of the product you are replacing.

Returns for items based on the reason that it is not from the manufacturer are not valid and will not be honored.

NOTE: All customers are ultimately responsible for the choices made when selecting the items they purchase. One Source Batteries, LLC does not take responsibility for applications that are not recommended by any Manufacturer, please refer to the recommended specifications from the manufacturer when making your decision to purchase our products.

Manufacturer specifications sheets & MSDS sheets are available for review before any items is purchased, please send your request to
Feel free to email us any questions about our batteries and related products.

We will do our best to answer emails during regular business hours.